I’ll Take the Whole Case, Please.

Today’s Cover of the Day…

I love this so much. A great example of how a great artist can take a great song and create something amazing and new. I have a strong preference for the cover over the original, just like I do with most Dylan songs.

Diana Krall, singing Joni Mitchell.


Hell Ya

Today’s Cover of the Day features something from left field.  Every once in a while I come across something that is completely unexpected – an arrangement I’d never previously considered.  The original version of this song is so fixed in my brain, I could not have imagined it another way….until I heard this.

Obadiah Parker, singing OutKast.  Go figure.




Who Knew?

My Cover of The Day combines several loves of mine.  Zeppelin, great cover songs, Pink, and Zeppelin.  And who says you can be a fan of both Zeppelin and Pink?  If it’s you, just shut your narrow mind up.

So there you have it.  Pink, singing Led Zeppelin.