Who Knew?

My Cover of The Day combines several loves of mine.  Zeppelin, great cover songs, Pink, and Zeppelin.  And who says you can be a fan of both Zeppelin and Pink?  If it’s you, just shut your narrow mind up.

So there you have it.  Pink, singing Led Zeppelin.

The Long Goodbye

The Sampson clan drove to Eau Claire today, to deliver Ryan to his freshman year of college. Our dropoff window was from noon to 2:00. We had a lot of very nice upperclassmen help us carry his things up to his room (4th floor!). As moving events go, it all went very well. We hooked up his tv, assembled his futon, and assessed the logistics of closet space, desk arrangement, and fan placement (no air conditioning!). We found a good spot for his coffee pot, made sure his internet connection was working, and ensured that he was in possession of important artifacts such as his student ID, debit card (so we can send him money!), and driver’s license. Most importantly, we made sure he knew where to go to ask questions, to connect him with people that would be able to help him figure out the rest of it.

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