What I Learned From Bob

In the Spring of 2000. Jen and I had been church shopping, having attended a handful of other worship services over the previous months.  This Sunday brought us to Bryn Mawr Church, and it was nice, but like the others, had not really grabbed us. Something still seemed missing, and when the service ended, we began eyeing the door, intending to make a discreet exit.  It was at that exact moment that we met Bob and Mary Boehlke.

The Boehlkes were two of the nicest people we’d ever encountered.  They introduced themselves, asked about us and our story, and made sure we knew where the coffee and treats were, and that there were other young families just like ours that we should meet.   In retrospect, Bob and Mary did something very important for us on that day.  They created a connection.  We made a connection with them, and then a connection with the church community.  I think that is all it took – a small gesture of kindness to strangers, outsiders who were hungry for more, even if they did not know what more was.  Perhaps that is what had missing from the other churches we had visited, and here it was, and we bit hard.  We came, and we stayed.

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