It’s About Time.

I’ve been kicking around the idea of a blog for some time now.  I actually had one for a while, a few years back.  Creating one is easy, but maintaining one is hard.  It requires a dedication to producing regular content, a commitment I have generally been reluctant to make.  Oh and not to forget, the content should be interesting, at least to someone.  For now, that someone is just me.  So I’m going to start this thing off with only one requirement — the content needs to be interesting to me.

This is my little place to think through an idea, emote, or blow off steam from time to time.  Some of it is personal; some of it will delve into politics, big questions, and humor.  Maybe some day my boys will read this, when they are old enough to care about such things, and get to know what the Old Man was all about.

Welcome to Rick’s Head.  It’s a dark and scary place.  Sometimes.